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Aerating, Dethatching and Fertilizing is vital for a healthy lawn

Lawn Revitalization Service

piture of lawnOur Lawn Revitalization Service is design to plant new grass seedlings throughout your entire lawn. In a few weeks after receiving this service, you will see thousands of new grass seedlings sprouting up and filling in bare spots. Most of our customers will have this done at least once a year to help grow a thick, dense healthier lawn.

Lawn Core Aeration

The benefits of our core aeration service is to provide direct air and nutrients to the root system of your lawn. This service will also help alleviate lawn compaction and allow grass to grow more freely. Also, core aeration will help reduce thick thatch buildup.

Thatch Removal

If you have a thatch problem, call us to power rake your lawn and remove unwanted living and dead organic matter. Thatch is usually a combination of living and dead organic matter comprised of grass stems and roots. Excessive thatch creates an environment for pests and diseases to thrive and cause damage. Core aeration will also help reduce a thatch problem.

Organic Lawn Services

  • Organic Fertilzer
  • Lime
  • Organic Weed Control
  • Flower Bed Maintenance (the organic way)
  • Weed Free Sidewalk Treatment
  • Shrub Fertilizing
  • Tree Fertilizing
  • Compost Tea
  • Lawn PH Testing
  • Shrub Pruning